Indoor Dehumidifiers

At Tiger Heating & Air, one of our specialties is indoor air quality. One thing that affects indoor air quality is humidity; to help with this we install humidity control devices such as dehumidifiers.

Just as too much moisture can cause problems for a home and those living inside, relatively low humidity can cause a lot of comfort and health issues. Air that is too dry can do more than just cause dry, itchy skin. It can lead to frequent headaches, nosebleeds, dizziness, lethargy, respiratory problems and other major health concerns. Air that is too dry can also cause furnishings to become brittle and damaged.

With the installation of our Corpus Christi humidifiers, you can have control of the humidity levels inside your home. We only install top quality, affordable humidifiers that improve indoor comfort. Whether you are looking for a whole house humidification system or portable humidifiers including cool mist and warm mist humidifiers, Tiger Heating & Air is the company you can rely on for a wide selection of products. Call today for a free quote and consultation.

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