Do Air Vent Deflectors Work?

May 30, 2022
Do Air Vent Deflectors Work?

Using Vent Diverters to Control Airflow in Your Home

do air vent deflectors work? Tips for controlling air flow

Controlling the Cool Air Coming Out Your Vents

Do you have a vent that is in a bad location, constantly blowing cool air directly on your face? It can be an ongoing struggle to have a vent located in a poor place. You may have looked into solutions to this annoying airflow, such as getting air vent deflectors. But do vent deflectors really work?

Having serviced homes all across Corpus Christi for decades, our team at Tiger Heating & Air has seen how the location where vents got installed may be a problem. Maybe you moved furniture around, or you’re not the original homeowner. Several things can cause a vent to no longer be placed in an ideal location for comfort.

Addressing vent problems does not always require intense remodeling work. Tiger Heating & Air here in Corpus Christi can help homeowners find solutions to getting a comfortable home. While sometimes the answer may require a visit from our AC Repair Experts, sometimes there are simple and affordable options for homeowners to improve home comfort on their own.

What are Air Vent Deflectors?

1.	Wall air vent diverter

A vent deflector is usually a molded piece of plastic that fits right over a vent. It is designed to direct your air to where you want it.

These devices are also known as vent diverters, draft diverters, vent extenders, and vent redirectors. No matter what name they are called, they are meant to do the same thing, to change the direction of air coming out of your vents.

These little devices are pretty inexpensive. You can probably pick one up for about $10 to $30. You can find them in local hardware stores, big box stores, or on Amazon.

And what’s also great is that vent deflectors are easy to install.

Types of Air Vent Diverters

Wall Vent Deflectors

Ceiling Air Vent Deflector

Floor Vent Deflector

3.	Do vent deflectors work? Air vent diverter on floor

Where a Vent Deflector Can Help

Do you have any problems with how the air comes out of your vents? Have you closed any vents to help improve your home’s airflow? That’s not ideal. You need a better solution than blocking or shutting off vents.

Air vent diverters provide a better way for you to redirect the airflow.

Some places to consider adding a vent deflector:

  • Behind furniture
  • Over a vent that’s near a thermostat
  • In unused rooms

Covering Your Vents: Why It Is a Bad Idea

Vent deflectors are a better option than other ways to deal with annoying airflow. For example, it is not a good idea to cover your vents. Your vents are designed to work together. One vent is a part of a larger system, a system that is designed to flow air throughout your home. And when you close too many vents, you disrupt the airflow, which can cause heating and cooling problems throughout your home.

If you have furniture over your vent, you block it and perhaps impede your heating and cooling system from working properly. The easiest thing to do is move any furniture that is blocking vents. But we know that isn’t always a workable solution.

Using a vent deflector may help alleviate this problem. The deflector can redirect the hot or cool air to continue its path into your room.

2.	Covering air vent with duct tape is a bad idea and can hurt energy efficiency

Do Not Close Vents

Covering up a vent with duct tape is as ridiculous as it looks. But it might surprise you that closing a vent is just about as bad an idea.

It’s common for people to believe they should close vents to conserve energy and lower monthly bills, but that’s a misconception.

When you disrupt the flow of air coming through your vents, your HVAC system has to work harder to get your house to the desired temperature. That usually causes your system to use more energy, resulting in higher utility bills.

Air Vent Deflectors Can Help

In a perfect set-up, you don’t have any air being blown somewhere inconvenient. But we know sometimes that is inevitable. So if you are left with needing to take control over air coming out one or more of your vents, air vent deflectors are a good option. Just about any other alternative will prevent proper airflow from happening, which can cause problems.

If you have problems with vents in your home or questions about improving the airflow or efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system, just ask the HVAC experts at Tiger Heating & Cooling. Contact us online for service or call us at 361-852-4450.

We also provide professional duct cleaning services to the entire Corpus Christi area.

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