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Since 1994, Tiger Heating & Air has serviced all brands, sell and install Trane air conditioners. We are focused on the existing home market and will provide homeowners 100 % satisfaction guaranteed service, maintenance and installation on all of our services.

Our Aransas Pass air conditioning contractors bring a wealth of knowledge with 20 years of industry and business experience.

Tiger Heating & Air - Aransas Pass Air Conditioning Contractor

We are a full-service Aransas Pass heating and cooling contractor with the ability to service and install complete heating and air conditioning systems. In addition to scheduled service checks, repairing of existing equipment, and installation of new equipment, we can help you find ways to reduce your energy bills through a thorough an energy audit. Not only is our goal to have your comfortable in your home, but to also save your money.

Our certified Aransas Pass heating and cooling experts use state-of-the-art technology and techniques to diagnose and repair your existing heating and cooling system. Our highly trained, Aransas Pass HVAC service technicians have also passed criminal background checks and drug tests.  No need to worry about your safety while our techs are in your home.

Aransas Pass Air Conditioning Repair

Our professional Aransas Pass air conditioning repair contractors are trained and qualified to perform a thorough assessment which can include a refrigerant check, a test for leaks, tightness of belts, motor issues, and any other possible issues that your air conditioner may be experiencing. If your Aransas Pass air conditioning unit is beyond repair, our heating and cooling experts can provide you with a variety of options for a budget-friendly, energy efficient new air conditioning system.

When your air conditioner starts showing signs of malfunction, it may be time to call the experts at Tiger Heating & Air for professional air conditioning repair in Aransas Pass. All of our ac repairs and new air conditioning installations come with peace of mind product guarantees for the product as well as the workmanship.

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Aransas Pass Indoor Air

Indoor air quality in Aransas Pass is a major concern that many homeowners do not know enough about. Most of the time Aransas Pass homeowners are not aware of the dangers of air pollution circulating INSIDE their homes, when in fact, our homes are some of the most polluted places in Aransas Pass when it comes to air quality. You may be thinking, "That can't be true! My home is very clean." Well, even if your home is smoke-free and kept tidy, you are still at risk for poor indoor air quality.

The reason for this increase in concern for Aransas Pass indoor air quality is due to the manner in which air circulates throughout our homes. A number of small particles of dust, dirt, and pollen circulated within the house via the heating and air conditioning systems, and we continue breath this air for hours and hours while at home. The particles in the air can increase allergy symptoms or even trigger some respiratory diseases. This alone is a cause for concern, and thankfully, there are many Aransas Pass indoor air products available to help "clean up" all this air pollution filtering through our HVAC systems.

Duct cleaning and air cleaners or air purification systems can all help us control indoor air pollution in Aransas Pass. Air filters and other Aransas Pass indoor air products are designed in such a way so that our heating and air conditioning systems provide us the cleanest air to breathe, effectively trapping or eliminating air pollution. So take strides to improve the air quality inside your home - invest in Aransas Pass indoor air products today!

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